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    B Diane Eames, GG

    Texas Faceters Guild has now become history. For over 40 years this guild trained and encouraged faceters to improve their skills. This guild sponsored cutting competitions. Some of the best faceters in this country came out of this guild. Guild members created a collection of 44 replicas of famous diamonds of history. It is a history to celebrate. However, for the past two years no one has stepped up to serve as officers, and I have been the only officer in place. Sometime in July Ewing Evans will present the Famous Diamond Replicas, remaining cash, and remaining gem melee to the Austin Gem and Mineral Society.

    As for me, health issues caused by surviving a shooting by a neighbor and his assault rifle has forced me to close my business, and I now join the ranks of the hobbyist faceters. My advice- do not get downrange of an assault rifle. The bullets do not have to hit you to suffer serious damage, especially to the nervous system. Think the embassy staff in Cuba and China. Think our soldiers returning with PTSD. It’s the same.

    Probably the next time you see me I’ll be with the Columbia Willamette Faceters Guild. Guess I’m gonna get up close and personal with Oregon sunstone.

    B. Diane Eames, GG
    Graduate Gemologist (GIA) and past president, Texas Faceters Guild



    This is very sad news to hear, I hope this isn’t the start of a trend in this country. Im also very sorry of your misfortune, I wish the best for you.



    It’s very sad to her that. Why do you think young people do not want to become cutters and evolve it? As far as I understand, in the US this is much easier, since the organization system is already well-established and ready. Do you think this is due to the active replacement of computer machines?



    Sorry to hear that. I just moved to Austin from Rhode Island.

    While I’m in my 50s, I have a ton of friends in their 20s and 30s who are very, very into rocks, and would love to learn to facet. Sadly, the entry cost, coupled with the ongoing ridiculous prices for rough, place it financially out of reach for all of them. This is a generation that is, overall, never going to have a good, secure job. I’m worried for them.


    Wayne Emery

    I am very sorry to hear this. Diane, I understand your situation.

    Not many know this, but I was an Army Captain in Vietnam and served as an advisor with the Vietnamese. I was Team Leader of MACV Advisory Team 1, stationed in Hue. working along the DMZ and in the Khe Sanh area adjacent to the Laotian border. The only thing worse than being shot at is taking a life, in fear for YOUR life or your buddy’s life. Time will lessen the trauma, but I strongly suggest you seek professional help. There is no shame in that, your trauma is real. Keeping those feelings inside is not a good plan. God bless.

    And thank you for all you have done for the craft you love so dearly. You’re a legend.


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