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    Hello, does anyone know anything about (the lady) which was faceted by the intermountain faceters guild members.
    I received a couple pieces of what looks like sawn quartz from a fellow faceter and a printed note in the ziploc bag
    reads, “a piece of the rock” “the lady ” worlds largest faceted natural gemstone faceted by intermountain faceters guild. So i found out the guild was dissolved in 2009. im wondering if the gemstone was destroyed or cut up .


    James Clark

    Hi Brent,
    I believe “the Lady” was a 44,472 ct Citrine cut by the Dare-Devil Faceters.

    “The Dare-Devil Faceters of the Intermountain Faceter’s Guild have
    used copper laps to preform all their “BIG” stones such as The Lady at
    44,472 carats, Miss l Lemon Drop at 22,951 carats, Sun Princess at
    14,812 carats, the Countess at 12,678 carats as well as others.”

    hope this helps



    I doubt that they would have sawn up the finished stone unless it was dropped and broken. More likely it’s a piece that was sawn off during pre-forming. Just a guess…



    Thanks James, that was one huge gemstone. Hopefully its still intact somewhere.


    Alan Balmer

    I don’t remember who all was involved in the Daredevil Faceters, but I know Billy Bob Riley is still around and is on Facebook. He might know what happened to this stone.
    BTW, the Daredevil machine is now owned by Mark Oros of Hashnu Stones and Gems. Or one of them – I don’t know whether they built more than one.



    thanks for the info alan.

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