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    I purchased my new V5 digital nearly 2 years ago. I was told by another owner that it would need to be “tuned” up in order cut “true”. I attempted to pursue that discussion, but the individual did not have the time. He did suggest that laps are not always truly flat and need to be broken in to work appropriately. He alluded that a small adjustment needs to be done so that each lap will be truly flat.

    I am a total newbbi. Does the Ultra tech need to be adjusted or the laps trued prior to using the machine appropriately. As I mentioned, the company did not inform me that before using the machine, I needed to adjust or true the laps before I can have good results.

    If this is true. Could anyone who owns the Ultra Tec new machine know anything about adjusting or trueing the machine correctly? I want to learn correctly on a machine that is set up appropriately.


    Larry Shyers LEShyers@YAHOO.COM

    Larry S.



    Hi in answer to your question no. Your machine should be fine as long as you haven’t been rough on it. Every machine has its little idiosyncrasies. Same with laps. There is not a perfectly flat lap or a perfect machine. You own one of the best most consistent machines. If you put a lap on and dop a test piece of whatever you can see the numbers change as the lap rotates. I’m not the best to explain this but I have cut with older machines and you can get great results with them also once you learn the machine. You having a great machine don’t have to learn as much. I cut on a V2 with a analog gauge that goes out 3 decimal points. I have some pretty flat laps but not a perfectly flat one in the bunch. Lol. My advice is to cut and learn the machine and as you progress you will see things and learn how to work around them. Don’t let perfectionist ways remove your Joy. Always strive for perfection but understand that you will never achieve it completely. Sometimes you will come very very close but in my personal opinion there is always something no matter how small that could be done better. Lol. Cut and enjoy and post any specific issues and we will figure them out. Feel free to email me if I can help. Bob Lawrence

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