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      Good day everyone!
      I am looking for any and all US military veterans that are currently faceters or interested in faceting (all lapidary arts actually). I have been operating my business, American Cut Gemstones, for some time now but I am finally building a website. The mission is to showcase and support US Veteran Lapidaries. I intend to have quarterly give aways, discounts and support for all Veterans. The site will include a Veterans Members section for all of us to communicate, support each other and maybe tell some sea stories! I hope to get enough Veterans interested to be able to showcase the “Veteran of the Quarter” on the site and offer their wares for sale if they would like. Please reply with any interest. I will be happy to share my phone number with you as well if you like the idea and want to be part of the endeavor. I appreciate your time and attention.
      Very Respectfully,
      Don Williams, USN Retired

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      Alan Balmer

      Nice idea, Don. Although I’m neither active nor retired, I am a US Army veteran and I appreciate that you want to recognize those who served.

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      That is a great point Alan! I am not trying to limit the types of Veterans… My apologies! I edited my post so hopefully ALL Veterans know they are welcome!

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      I to served for 6 years. Nice idea and I support your efforts.

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      I should have the site up soon! some last touches on the forums and I will let you all know. I have about 20 or so vets interested on facebook! so I am pretty excited about this.

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      Eric Hoffman

      Nice idea! Kind of like Al, I spent 10 years in the Army, so I didn’t retire. If I ever get around to photographing my loose stones, maybe I’ll get in touch about selling them through your site. But now, I have a contest stone that’s due soon haha.


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      I served 4 years in the Army with my last duty station in Italy. Great idea.

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      Well Sir, you have a US Marine that would love to be apart. tell me when and where to muster and I will be there….LOL

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      Marine Corps veteran here and I love the idea.
      New to faceting, waiting for my UltraTec to show up at the end of March!!

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      I don’t get to update the site too often, but will be having another give away soon for military veterans. Just be signed up and comment in the forums to be eligible (hidden unless you are a veteran). I am also offering free tutoring to any veterans that wish to visit, I am in the Orlando area.

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      6 years in the navy operating the nuclear plant on a sub (USS Skate (SSN-578)). I’ve been cutting opals and other cabs since I was 13 (I’m 61 now). I just purchased a faceting machine (Raytech-Shaw) and can’t wait for it to arrive. I look forward to your site.

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      US Army Field Artillery Vietnam Era Veteran. I’m interested in your group.

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      US Navy Retired Reserve. I am interested in your group.
      Received my Ultra Tec VL Classic last week.
      New to faceting.

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      Nice to hear your interest in our veterans. I am a Gulf War 1 vet and an OIF/OEF vet. I served in the Army. Total of 7 years Active duty and I am not really sure how much IRR or National Guard/Reserve time I did. Regardless I have a Facetron and would like to be included. I just moved and now own a small homestead aka a hobby farm. We are growing chickens for eggs and meat. veggies will be planted starting in Feb through march depending on the veggie and tolerances. I should have my machine back up and running. I purchased about 20 lbs of synthetic rough and wanted to get back to it. The farm came up and the person purchasing it fell through due to covid, therefore, we were lucky enough to get the bid on it. Most of the property around us looks to be in the hundreds of acres where we only have 11. I am a vet just saying thank you to everyone for keeping the promise of the veteran benefits. Without the benefits, my family would not be living our dream today. As a fun fact, my great grandad (army) was a WW1 vet, Grandad (army CW4) was WW2/Korea vet, Dad (navy chief 28 yrs) was a Vietnam vet. I didn’t do much rank-wise in the military but I managed to use VA benefits and earn an MBA in college. (oh I hear the jokes coming) lol take care and god bless

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      USAF Vietnam Era Veteran Dale Ruperd in Coeur d’ alene, Idaho. I teach faceting in Spokane, Wa. two night aweek This is a great idea thinkyou

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      USAF retired, live in Troutman, NC. Was in OEF/OIF. Have been faceting for 2 years and loving almost every minute of it. Just recently moved my hobby into a small business called Crisp Designs. My daughter is doing cabs. Trying to build my clients and hope to take it into a full time job.

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      Hey there! I’m currently active In the US Army. I’ve been in for 13 years now and I’m currently serving in the great state of Hawaii!I love this idea!

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      Hi Don! Like you, I am a retired CAPT in the Navy and have an Ultra Tec V5. Thanks for your efforts to support military veterans!
      Happy New Year! Dr. Reg

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      I would love to participate, take part in the program and help other veterans in any way possible. Former Army here, only twelve years, but 6 combat tours and faceting has been a blessing to my soul since I began recently.

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      I best roger up as well, retired navy, OIF/OEF/ND , DS/DS. currently living in se Oregon.

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      I like your concept and look forward to being a part of your program. I’m also a USAF Vietnam Era Veteran.
      Ron Dearinger

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      My father, a veteran of the US Army, asked him to register here on this forum.
      It’s very good that you are growing your business. I’m new to this, just learning. You know, I found a very interesting article about how to start your own business and sell bulk of your products. Very good advice.

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      This is a great idea! Count me in!

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