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i have been faceting for 53 years. i’ve used most every faceting machine out there, i have cut many special stone but i do not compete, i may be a bit of showoff at time but not that big. i teach faceting, one on one and not some kind of class room affair, i teach for free and you’ll know what its about and what to do in about 3-5 hours. i personally knew Howard Stanley of Ultr Tec and know Joe Rubin present owner. also knew the designer of the Raytech/Shaw. and Marie O’brien and her son whom made/sold/and taught the o’brian faceting machine in east Hollywood ca.. in 70’s i worked for and demo’d for Jack Greenspan at Crystalite/pacific test specialties and we made the first plated diamond laps. I’m 78 a member of the lakeside gem and mineral club of kennewick wa. and past member of the Simi valley and San Fernando valley clubs of s. ca..  members of my club are learning faceting and we’re developing better ways to polish and new cuts.  email if you have questions, i might have a helpful answer.

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Hobby, Other

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Teach, Speak, Demo

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O’brien, MDR, Facette, Prismatic, Sapphire, Ultra Tec, Raytech-Shaw, and 5 different versions of the LEE ad some other makes as well as the ones i’m making for club members that they can afford.


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