Privacy Policy

“USFG USE POLICY” – Your Personal Information

Some of the minimum information USFG is asking for on the Application is needed to record you as a member and to communicate with you when providing voting and corporate information.

Additionally, some of this information will be used in a blind database to help other members know if other members live close by in a certain area. USFG believes this will be of great help for beginners and seasoned faceters alike, knowing others with the same interest, live close by. Only your First Name, City, State, Country will be included in this Locator Database in the “Member Only” part of the website. If a person desires to contact you they can click on your first name and it will link to your hidden emails address, where you will be emailed, and it will be you’re decision to response.

USFG will assign you a Membership ID which will allow you to access the “Members Only” section of the USFG website. By using this ID to creating your own Password on the website, you will have access to any of the “Members Only” information, such as your Renewal Status, all the Newsletters without having to use individual newsletter passwords, including all of the Archived newsletters. Also this will be true if USFG wants to make a special offer or communication to its members that may include special discount offers by vendors online, USFG sponsored shows like the USFG Frolics, or find important member information relating to voting and members meetings like the Annual Meeting. This individual ID will allow you to pay your dues, sign up and make payment for classes and educational demos at USFG Frolic events.

The Optional Information in the Application is needed by USFG to identify individuals willing to Volunteer for certain duties or needs inside the operation of the USFG organization. Since all are volunteers, the officers, directors and others involved turn over every few years, so the Board or Nomination Committee always needs to know who to call for volunteer jobs and duties.

Only the USFG Board will have access to your Location Information. At no time will any of your location information be shared outside the Board with any vendor, outside individual, or organization.

On the USFG website you can find email links to each Officer and the Editor. Feel free to contact any or all with your ideas, suggestions or concerns.

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