Tucson Faceters Frolic 2018

sponsored by
The United Stated Faceters Guild

February 1, 2 and 3, 2018
9 am till 9 pm

The Old Pueblo Lapidary Club
3118 North Dale Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85712

There will be speakers every day from 10 am till 9 pm. Admission is free

Speaker Schedule:

10 am till noon – Tom Mitchell – “All About Dopping”
1 pm till 3 pm – Lisa Elser – “Roughing it – Buying Gemstones Overseas”
4 pm till 6 pm – Tom Herbst – “Roughing It: Managing Your Raw Gemstones”
7 pm till 9 pm – Scott Sucher – “The Art of Cutting and Polishing” (inspired by a talk given by Steve and Nancy Attaway)

10 am till noon – Diane Eames – “Cutting for Jewelry”
1 pm till 3 pm – Alan Hodgkinson – “Visual Optics”
4 pm till 6 pm – Steve and Nancy Attaway – “The Economy of Gemstone Repairs and Re-Cuts”
7 pm till 9 pm – Tom Herbst – “Designing and Visualizing Gemstones”

10 am till noon – Arya Akavan – “Introduction to Synthetic Gemstones: history, common materials, and practical basic” and then “Synthetic Gemstones: chemistry, cutting, colour, and curiosities”
1 pm till 3 pm – Dr. Alexander Bulatov – “The Method of Growing Moissanite and Diamonds”
4 pm till 6 pm – Tom Herbst – “A Stone’s Story” (tells the full story of a single stone, from design to acquisition to cutting and polishing)

The Hob Nob sponsored by the Old Pueblo Lapidary Club will start at 6 pm. They will have the prettiest stone contest and a pizza dinner. There is a fee for dinner. There will also be gem rough vendors.

7 pm till 9 pm – Scott Sucher – “The Evolution of Diamond Cutting”


Gem Cad and Gem Ray – Friday – Cost $35.00 per class
9 am till noon – Beginners GemCad
1 pm till 3 pm – Intermediate GemCad
3 pm till 5 pm – Advanced GemCad 3/GemRay

Presented by Robert Strickland the creator of these programs. Limited to 12 students. Students should bring their own computers and extension cord or power strip.

Introduction to Faceting
– Thursday and Friday – Cost $25.00
9 am till 5 pm
Taught by Ernie Hawes and Billy Bob Riley. Limited to 8 students. Students will learn to cut one stone. They will be using the machines provided by the OPLC and they will be cutting stones provided by the USFG.


Gem Buying Tour of Tucson – Date, time and cost to follow
Arya Akavan will lead a gem buying tour of Tucson. Car pooling recommended. .

For further information contact Tom Mitchell: 352-751-0906