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  • Mary Rafferty

    January 31, 2016 at 11:55 pm

    A few more comments on the site…

    1. On logout, one is left with a blank page. It would be nice to have something — either a “come again soon / you are logged out page” or the site home page — so we would see that indeed the logout had completed.

    2. Under member profile > settings there is a link for profile visibility. It looks like we should be able to change the settings. There is a “save settings” button at the bottom. But I am not seeing the method to edit existing settings.

    3. Under profile > edit, the fine print under some of the options indicates which items are included in the membership search. (It took me several passes before I actually read those notes! And actually, I think the faceting machine field also works.) On my initial setup I entered the abbreviation for the state (CA in my case). Not very helpful for searching out other members who might be nearby. Perhaps the instructions can be changed to encourage full state name or else have it changed to a drop down list where spelling won’t be a factor either?

    4. Please specify actual dimensions for the profile and cover images. While the software will adjust the images, my preference is to post what I want to see and not have the online software lower the quality by resizing. Also, when I uploaded what appears to be the exact size needed, the site wanted me to “crop” the image before it would accept it even though it was complaining that I had used something less that 150 pixels.

    5. Perhaps a “resources” page or library section could be added so that folks can be directed to other good, related sites?