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  • Tom Maxwell

    February 1, 2016 at 5:44 pm

    A good idea Jeff and we do have that feature as you have said. We do have that information from members who sign up by filling out the membership Application and mailing it in. Those using PayPal do not have to furnish anything other than email address and credit card information. This has presented a problem when we don’t get at least a correct First and Last Name (no user names or nicknames) along with an email address. Without this basic information we have difficulty crediting your account. Unfortunately it is up to each member to fill out his profile with whatever information he chooses to shave with other members. The USFG Privacy Policy states we will not share any information outside of the membership. I hope this clarifies thing a little and other members see this and complete their profile. It helps the members communicate with each other and helps the USFG keep the membership current.