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  • gemmakermz

    June 7, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    Scott, Alan i can see the ruling for meeting size, this is a jeweler standardizing. but today we are talking amateur and pro faceting. i worked for pacific test specialties/ crystalite whom pioneered the plated diamond metal bonded lap, this was during the 70’s and the faceting took off like a bullet. it is kind of fading out now do to the high prices of the machines and availability of good material. i teach faceting for free and after teaching some one to cut a standard cut i then tell them to cut the stones to what the stone dictates from its structure. size doesn’t matter. you can go to any jewelry trades supply place and buy their standard poor cut sized stones cheap, I’ve done so. its the none standardized stones that are of value. a custom cut stone with an appropriate mounting is far more valuable. and the material is terrible out there. in 70’s i got material you cant get now unless you own a bank. i believe new adjustments to cutting rules may be warranted. being able to work with flaws and skillfully hiding them etc.. to me its the skill of getting out of a stone the most, impressive possible and cleanest possible, stone you can get and getting exotic cuts is included. ya Scott i cut for max size too. I’ve cut some outrageous stones too. i like sharing with other faceters trick that many don’t know and I’m not interested in trophies and titles. I’ve been cutting since 1965 and now, at soon to be 77, I’m still at it and teaching. i’m noted only in small private circles. i can only say if your not comfortable with the rules then DO YOUR OWN THING and ENJOY the art of faceting, that’s what its about.