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  • gemsbygregory

    July 14, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    Hi another Greg here a more than just a little late in responding. But after having replacement hip surgery and a second surgery to implant a complete artificial shoulder and upper arm I am now “fit for service”. First I think most anyone who offers rough and are a member of the USFG without doubt will provide top notch service. And many, many people at Ebay or Amazon also offer fine goods and service BUT you still need to keep your eyes open and if buying offshore by checking their references and return policy. At my company Gems by Gregory we have been buying rough worldwide for more then 35 years. And yes upon occasion you get “taken” and what arrives is not as promised and with little or no provenance. To answer/address your note as to trusted rough sellers, we recently starting offering Montana Rock Creek Sapphire rough which we get directly, as a distributor for them, from Potentate Mining Ltd. For more information on us either please send me an email to or search here with the USFG site for people to cut and sell rough. Hope this has helped a little. I have always believed that most people are honest and life has been pretty enjoyable so far.