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1. By uploading materials both text and graphics to this website you are granting a nonexclusive license to the USFG to display the materials in perpetuity. If you do not want your material copied, don’t post it. USFG will take no responsibility for any future claims of copyright infringement.
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Our Purpose

Our bylaws list our purposes as (1) to promote the art, skill, and teaching of faceting; (2) to expand the knowledge of natural and laboratory-made crystals; (3) to develop and promote uniform rules for faceting competitions within the US and among other countries; (4) to sponsor or assist in managing competitions; and (5) to serve as a national repository and clearing house for faceting designs, published materials, and general information for faceters everywhere.

An equally important objective of the USFG is to advance the skills of faceters who want to achieve as close to perfection as possible. One of the best ways to approach perfection is to enter competitions where skilled judging denotes perfection, or via “private assessment.” We are working on a system to allow members to have stones critiqued by a qualified master cutter.

Our organization had its beginning as the USA Competition Faceters in January 1990, when it was proposed as a support group for the USA team in the Australian Faceting Challenge. Our first newsletter appeared in April 1991. At that time, the goals were expanded to include compiling a set of rules for Single Stone Competitions. Since that time, we have established a comprehensive set of Single Stone Rules to assist in encouraging greater uniformity in the judging of single stone competitions.


USFG Bylaws


The United States Faceters Guild is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, registered in Arizona, USA. Required public documents in PDF format:

IRS Form 1023

2019 Arizona Annual Report