2000 USFG Single Stone Competition Results

Congratulations to all these fine cutters.
We are proud to recognize their accomplishment.

Novice – Judged by Jim Ball, OR

Matt Smith, OH 99.73
James Stephens, FL 99.38
Kenneth Vaughan, CA 98.75
Ron Redmund, CA 98.52
Dale Johnson, IL 97.12
Bill Louton, NM 95.44
Barry Johnson, BC, CAN 93.34
Gene Goodwin, TN 92.17
Norm Holbert, WA 92.13
David Dutcher, CA 91.97
Jim Perkins, OH 91.43
Don Hanson, WA 91.35
Jack Freeman, AZ 85.89
James Weir, MD 81.10

Pre-Master – Judged by Wing Evans, TX

John Franke, WA 99.71
Bob Praska, CA 92.56
Les Selvester, CA 75.20

Master – Judged by Ralph Mathewson, ID

Jack Gross, MT 97.29
Art Kavan, AZ 94.72
John Visser, AB, CAN 86.62