2001 USFG Single Stone Competition Results

Congratulations to all these fine cutters.
We are proud to recognize their accomplishment.

Novice – Judged by Jim Ball, OR

Bob Keller, AZ 99.88
Ray Montoro, TX 98.89
Arnold Robertson, Ont, CAN 98.39
Melvin Yanda, AL 97.43
Barry Johnson, BC, CAN 95.20
Ernest Augenbaugh, MI 93.01
George Kaufman, FL 85.68
Alan Hukill, MI 85.25
Winnifred Adams, CA 84.91
Mike Skelly, FL 82.18
Roger Boan, OH 79.22
Shirley Perkiff, CA 78.15

Pre-Master – Judged by Wing Evans, TX

Bill Louton, UT 94.53
William Skalitzky, WI 92.45
David Dutcher, CA 89.28

Master – No Entries

Past Master – Judged by Ralph Mathewson, ID

John Visser, CA 99.7829
Art Kavan, AZ 99.4574
Jerry Capps, WI 98.9872
Don Dunn, OH 98.5893
Dieter Irmischer, AZ 98.4808
Jack Gross, MT 97.2872