2002 USFG Single Stone Competition Results

Congratulations to all these fine cutters.
We are proud to recognize their accomplishment.

Novice – Judged by Jim Ball, OR

James Friar, AZ 98.43
Stephen Blanchard, VA 97.75
James Clark, AZ 95.21
Jim Foster, CA 87.74
Robert Greenway, TX 87.62
Frank Brower, OH 86.98
Ryan Pierce, IL 84.44
John Hiller, NC 71.31

Pre-Master – Judged by Wing Evans, TX

Arnold Robertson, Ont, CAN 92.76
George Kaufman, FL 87.77
Kenneth Vaughan, CA 85.40
Barry Johnson, BC, CAN 85.07

Master – No Entries

Past Master – Judged by Jerry Capps, OH

Dick Fairless, MI 99.26
Art Kavan, AZ 99.02
Don Dunn, OH 98.99