2003 USFG Single Stone Competition Results

Here are the placings of all competitors who entered the USFG 2003 Single Stone Competition. All competitors, regardless of placement, are to be commended for making this one of the largest the USFG has sponsored. There are enough high scores in all three classes to indicate that some of these cutters will take the next step up in future competitions.

Jeff Ford

Novice – Judged by Jim Ball

Phil StoneBrook 99.29
Jeff Ford 98.46
Lynn Carlson 97.78
Olli Winberg 97.11
Dennis McDermott 96.95
Don Roberts 95.23
Earl Colton 93.76
Rockey E. Starnes 90.87
Olivia Henderson 90.05
Chuck Flynn 88.73
Bill Barringer 87.64
Maynard Nelson 85.99
David McMillen 80.43
Melvin Uecker 78.63

PreMaster – Judged by Wing Evans

James Clark 99.925
Steve Blanchard 99.438
Gary Kratochvil 99.289
Jim Perkins 97.828
Jim Friar 95.536
Ernest Aughenbaugh 95.021
Jack Freeman 92.363

Master – Judged by Don Dunn

Arne Robertson 98.6476
Norman Holbert 83.4855