2016 USFG Single Stone Competition

The 2016 USFG Single Stone competition results are in. The judges have ruled on the 4 classes of stone, Novice, Pre-master, master, and Grand Master. We had quite a few entries (55 total) comprised of 32 Novice, 14 Pre-Master, 5 Master, and 4 Grand Master.

The following tables list the details for each class as to those who certified and the top scores and winners in each category

Winners in the Novice Classification:

Name Location   Status Rank Score
Michael Noetzel Nashua, NH certified 1 99.78
Christopher Bork San Clemente, CA certified 2 99.57
Imaizumi Fumio Kyoto, Japan certified 3 99.35


Novice entries qualifying for certification:

Name Location Status Score
Theordore Wilson Wylie, TX certified 98.27
Kenneth Befus Robinson, TX certified 97.62
Ron Davis Council Bluff, Iowa certified 97.6161
Dan Henderson Sun City Ctr, FL certified 97.4
Marek Mikolaj Kosice, Slovakia certified 97.3994
Gerald Smoot Kennewick, Wa certified 96.53
Diana Skye Maple Valley, WA certified 96.32
Carl Shearer Maple Ridge, B.C certified 95.8824
Michael Power Medford, OR certified 95.23
Loyd Blankenship East Providence, RI certified 95.23
Jack Spinks Midlothian, TX certified 95.02
Tim Vieyra Clarksville, TN certified 95.02
David Juckem Neenah, WI certified 94.3654
Owen McDevitt Butte, MT certified 93.5
Lionell Bailey Genas France certified 93.0651
Gerald Boykin Etowah, N.C certified 91.9815
Phillip Woods Barton MD certified 91.98
Carmina Orilla Anaheim, CA certified 91.3313
Matthew Castor Cocoa, FL certified 91.33
Casey Trump Grand Junction, CO certified 90.031
Corey Brenner Post Falls, ID certified 90.031
Edwin Gessele Anaconda, MT certified 89.82
Edward Smith Wolcott NY certified 88.0806

Participants: Scott Kelley, Allan Jacques, Gjeret Stein, Rick Brooker, Gary Hirt


Winners in the Pre-Master Classification:

Name Location   Status Rank Score
Pavel Filinov Moscow Russia certified 1 99.813
Frank Woodward Queensland, AU certified 2 97.97
Steve Page Brea CA certified 3 96.6781


Pre-Master entries qualifying for certification:

Name Location Status Score
Bruce Argall Greensburg, PA certified 91.3262

Participants: Timothy Kaufman, William Parent, Jerry Hill, Susan Lichtenberger, Kevin Ellis, Rita Phagan, Diane Eames, Frank Toth, Greg Stimpson, Don Sabie


Winners in the Master Classification:

Name Location   Status Rank Score
Alexander Naryshkin St Petersburg, RU certified 1 100
Clara Ventor Usakos, Namibia certified 2 97.9872
Richard Moriyama Niceville, FL certified 3 95.2425

Participants: Carl Davis, Jeff Theesfeld


Winners in the Grand Master Classification:

Name Location   Status Rank Score
James Clark Mesa, AZ certified 1 98.0641


Grand Master entries qualifying for certification:

Name Location Status Score
Charles Lundstrom Tucson, AZ certified 96.8322

Participants: Homer Barrs, Denny Bradley

Every year there are changes to the competition, including where to mail your stone. Please be sure to read the details when next years stones are published. This is usually in the December newsletter.