2017 USFG Single Stone Competition Results

Congratulations to all our fine competitors this year! Participation was amazing.

A tremendous thank you to John Lichtenberger, our 2017 stone handler. He worked tirelessly to be sure everything was correctly logged in when received, transmitted to the Judges, results tabulated, and stones returned to their correct owners.

Thanks as well to our dedicated Judges, who spend substantial time and effort judging the stones you work so hard on. This year the Novice Class was judged by James Clark. Premaster, Master and Grand Master were judged by Wing Evans, with an assist from B. Diane Eames. We sincerely hope that the judging comments each of you received will enable you to improve your cutting experience in future.


Rank Name Score Location
1st Place Nai-Yin Hu 98.9831 Taiwan
2nd Place Douglas Mulling 98.7797 Florida
3rd Place Rick Chapin 97.5595 Kansas
3rd Place Robert White 97.5595 Oregon

Certified Novice:

Name Score Location
Bo Sheng Lin 97.3561 Taiwan
Chi Chang Yang 97.3561 Taiwan
Randal Dale 97.1527 Oregon
Tian Yi Juang 97.1527 Taiwan
Bill Brisebois 96.5426 California
Chia Chen Liu 96.5426 Taiwan
Kell Hymer 95.9325 Nevada
Sander Priks 95.5257 Estonia
Hang Hai Lee 95.3223 Taiwan
Steve Hansen 95.3223 Delaware
Alan Charlton 94.7122 England
Diana Dailey 94.5088 Florida
Whitey Landry 94.5088 Montana
Bruce Mock 94.3054 Pennsylvania
Ronald Maitland 93.4919 Ohio
Donald Laufer 91.0514 Pennsylvania
Willian Cummins 91.0514 Alabama
Gregory Rohde 90.2379 Texas
Joseph Jucha 90.0345 Indiana
Alexandra Sundell 89.8311 Sweden
Daniel Morse 89.8311 Georgia
Rick Brooker 89.9311 Washington
Bruce Norcross 89.0176 North Carolina
Kevin Grizard 89.0176 North Carolina
Scott Kelley 89.0176 Michigan
Michael Scanlan 88.6109 Tennessee
Dana Piozet 88.0007 Idaho
Mary Jane Brown 88.0007 Washington
Dan Frank 86.3737 Washington
Debbie Lowe 86.3737 Georgia
Keith Shaw 86.3737 Kansas
Sean Brooks 86.3737 Florida
Almon Leach 85.1535 New York

Novice Participants:

Name Score Location
Edwin Gessele 84.5433 Montana
Lee Jeffery 84.5433 Florida
Susan Moner 83.5264 Oregon
Ed Guillen 82.3062 Montana
Ed Laird 82.1028 Montana
Timothy Hoff 79.8150 Montana


Rank Name Score Location
1st Place Michael Noetzel 97.5234 New Hampshire
2nd Place John Lee 97.1432 Texas
3rd Place Casey Trump 96.5708 Colorado

Certified Pre-Masters:

Name Score Location
Michael Ellis 95.9993 United Kingdom
Chritopher Bork 95.8088 California
Ron Davis 95.6183 Iowa
Kevin Ellis 95.0467 Washington
Corey Brenner 93.9037 Idaho
James Hughes 93.9037 Texas
Dan Henderson 93.3321 Florida
Bruce Argall 92.9511 Pennsylvania
Kenneth Befus 92.3796 Texas
Nate Ellis 91.9986 New York
Reg Williams 90.6650 Michigan
Gerald Smoot 90.4745 Washington

Pre-Master Participants

Name Score Location
Pierre LaRoux 89.9030 South Africa
Imaizumi Fumio 89.9030 Japan
Bill Poland 86.0928 Florida
Tim Vieyra 86.0928 Tennessee
Owen McDevitt 85.5212 Montana
Cristian Horghidan 84.9497 Romania
Jim Marks 78.6629 Nevada
Karl Granzow 78.0913 Oregon
Greg Stimpson 71.6140 Illinois
James Moore 70.2804 Georgia


Rank Name Score Location
1st Place Clemens Schwarzinger 99.6316 Austria
2nd Place Frank Woodward 99.2632 Australia
3rd Place Carl Shearer 99.0790 Canada

Certified Masters:

Name Score Location
Steve Page 96.4105 New Mexico
Bruce Rothman 95.9478 Florida
Jeffery Theesfeld 95.7636 New Mexico
Ken Moser 95.5333 Maryland

Master Participant:

Name Score Location
Dan Lynch 87.8433 Tennessee

Grand Master

Rank Name Score Location
1st Place James Clark 99.8205 Arizona
1st Place Roy Brain 99.8205 South Africa
2nd Place Charles Lundstrom 99.4616 Arizona

Grand Master Participant:

Name Score Location
Clara Ventor 95.3336 Namibia