2018 USFG Single Stone Competition Results

And the results are in!

Congratulations to all who participated, those who qualified and our winners. We hope you all enjoyed the cutting process and most importantly learned something.

Note: only cutters who qualified in their respective categories are listed.

Novice Category

Score to qualify: 85   Score to place for awards: 90

Design: Yggdrasil by Arya Akhavan
Judge: Chuck Lundstrum

Rank Name Score Location
1st Place Jack Chong 98.4129 California
2nd Place Chi-Kuang Chen 96.8259 Taiwan
3rd Place Chen Hua Hsu 95.0404 Taiwan

Name Score Location
Yulin Lee 93.2549 Taiwan
Michael McDowell 92.6598 Arizona
Michael Sackos 91.6679 Virginia
Olivier Soret 90.4776 France
Scott Kelley 90.0808 Michigan
James Hazen 89.4856 Georgia
Timur Gordeev 89.0889 Russia
Mary Jane Brown 88.6921 Washington
Gerald Wert 86.9067 North Carolina
Charles Powell 86.7083 Pennsylvania
Susan Moner 86.5099 Oregon
David Vought 86.3115 Michigan
Dana Piozet 85.9147 Idaho
David M. Beasley 85.5180 Alabama

Pre-Master Category

Score to qualify: 90    Score to place for awards: 93
Design: Trottola by Marco Toltolini
Judge: Jim Clark

Rank Name Score Location
1st Place Natalila Mironova 99.2146 Russia
2nd Place Nai Yin Hu 98.6255 Taiwan (ROC)
3rd Place Tian-Yi Juang 97.0547 Taiwan

Name Score Location
John Westgard 96.4657 Pennsylvania
Sander Priks 96.0730 Estonia
Steve Hansen 95.8766 Delaware
Ronald Maitland 95.6802 Ohio
Robert R. White 95.6802 Oregon
David Rilling 95.6802 Washington
Kell Hymer 95.4839 North Virginia
Randy Carlson 95.2875 Texas
Arya Andre Akhaven 93.7167 North Carolina
Rick Chapin 93.3240 Kansas
Olivia Henderson 93.3240 California
Alan Charlton 93.1277 England
Kevin Grizard 91.7532 California
Bruce Mock 91.5569 Pennsylvania
Rita Phagan 91.3605 New Mexico

Master Category

Score to qualify: 93    Score to place for awards: 95
Design: Winter’s Grasp by Arya Akhavan
Judge: Wing Evans

Rank Name Score Location
1st Place Fillnov Pavel 100.0000 Thailand
2nd Place John Lee 99.8216 Texas
3rd Place Douglas Mulling 99.6433 Florida

Name Score Location
Frank Woodward 97.8598 Australia
Carmina Orilla 97.6814 California
Ken Moser 96.7897 Florida
Bruce Argall 95.8979 Pennsylvania
Casey E. Trump 95.0062 Colorado
Kenneth Befus 93.4010 Texas
Dan Lynch 93.4010 Tennessee

Grand Master Category

Score to qualify: 95   Score to place for awards: 98
Design: Keiv Triangle by Jerry Newman
Judge: Wing Evans

Rank Name Score Location
1st Place David Maddison 99.4714 England