Logging In

First-time login for existing members

Existing members already have accounts on the site. You can gain access to your account by requesting a password reset. Once you have set a password, you can login and explore all the new features of the site. Please take a few moments to complete your member profile and our demographic survey by clicking My Profile at the top of the page.

Your password reset instructions will be emailed to the address we have on file. If the email address we have on file for you is out-of-date, you can contact us with your updated address. We will manually update your address in our database and then let you know when you can try logging in.

Managing Your Account


Your account is managed from the two tabs at the top of the screen called My Profile and My Account. My Profile allows you to change how you appear to members publicly in the member directory and the forums. My Account allows you to manage your membership to USFG, including updating your billing address, phone, and renewing your membership. All information contained in My Account is kept private and secure.

Changing your username

Existing members of USFG were assigned usernames based on their first and last names. You can change this username to anything you like, provided someone else has not already taken it. Go to My Profile > Settings > Change Username.