Faceting Machines

Here is a list, in no particular order, of all faceting machine manufacturers that USFG members have found and submitted. The list includes contact information and a link to their website (if they have one). Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement.

If you know of other manufacturers (past or present) please let us know. We’d appreciate any information on the manufacturer and/or photographs (physical or electronic versions).

For those interested in building their own faceting machine, complete instructions for a very solid home-built machine can be found at Jon Rolfe’s website.

Note: Thanks to Doug Miller for donating a large portion of the information on this webpage.
Manufacturers and machine owners – please submit additional or updated information, materials, photos, etc… to the webmaster

Polymetric Instruments Inc.

Models:  Xristal-Tek ’99’, Scintillator 88 Digital, O.M.F Machine, Xristal-Tek 87
Address:  P.O. Box 400 (Spokane Street), Clayton, Washington 99110, USA
Telephone:  (509) 276-5565
Facsimile:  (520) 222-6731
Email:  info@polymetricinc.com
WEB Site:  http://www.polymetricinc.com
Description:  Manufactures a line of mast faceting machines and accessories. The O.M.F. machine is a patented special cut machine for cutting concave facets.
Photo Credit:  Zane Hoffman, with permission

Scintillator 99SE Digital
Xristal-Tek ’99’
Scintillator 88 Digital
Scintillator 88 Digital
Scintillator 87 Digital
Xristal-Tek 87
O.M.F Machine
O.M.F Machine


Models:  XS3
Address:  P.O. Box 533, North Easton, MA 02356, USA
Telephone:  no number (WEB-based only (zoning and business license requirements)
Facsimile:  no number
Email:  xs3@battlap.com
WEB Site:  http://www.gearloose.com/xs3.html
Description:  Manufactures a solid faceting head and laps.
Photo Credit:  Jon Rolfe, with permission

XS3 faceting head

R.L. Hall & W.P. Hall

Models:  Hall – 2000, Mark V, Heavy Duty De Luxe
Address:  57 Anderson Street, Cairns QLD 4870, AUSTRALIA
Telephone:  (61) 7 4051 6672
Facsimile:  (61) 7 4051 3683
Email:  rayhall@internetnorth.com.au
WEB Site:  http://www.turbofast.com.au/astrotel/faceting.html
Description:  I believe that these machines are no longer in production.
Photo Credit:  R. L. Hall, with permission

Heavy Duty De Luxe
Heavy Duty De Luxe
Hall 2000
Hall 2000
Mark V
Mark V

The Graves Company

Models:  Graves Mark I, Graves Mark IV, and the Graves Mark 5XL digital
Address:  1760 Andrews Ave. Ext. North, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069, USA
Telephone:  (760) 327-9103
Facsimile:  (954) 960-0301
Email:  sales@gravescompany.com
WEB Site:  http://www.gravescompany.com
Photo Credit:  The Graves Company, with permission

Graves Mark I
Graves Mark I
Graves Mark IV
Graves Mark IV

Fac-Ette Manufacturing Company

Models:  GemMaster II
Address:  9545 Ploof Road, Leland, NC 28480, USA
Telephone:  (910) 371-3776
Facsimile:  (910) 371-3708
Email:  info@fac-ette.com
WEB Site:  http://www.fac-ette.com/
Photo Credit:  Fac-ette Manufacturing, with permission

Manufacturing of the Fac-ette was discontinued in April 2012.

Gem Master II
Gem Master II

Anand Engineering Works

Address:  72-A, Diamond Bazaar, Trichy-620008, INDIA
Telephone:  +91-141-3956526, +91-431-2705433
Facsimile:  +91-141-2206245
Mobile:  +91-941-4042128
Email:  info@anand-gems.com
WEB Site:  http://www.anand-gems.com
Description:  Commercial faceting machines with dual arbours.
Photo Credit:  Anand Engineeering, with permission


Jarvi Tool Company

Models:  Facetron
Address:  780 Debra Lane, Anaheim, California 92805, USA
Telephone:  (714) 774-9104
Facsimile:  (714) 774-9105
Email:  jtfacetron@earthlink.net
WEB Site:  http://www.facetron.com/
Photo Credit:  Jarvi Tool Company, with permission

Facetron, 1980’s model
Facetron, 2010 model
Facetron, 2000 era model

Ultra Tec

Models:  Ultra Tec
Address:  1025 E. Chestnut Avenue, Santa Ana, California 92701, USA
Telephone:  (714) 542-0608
Facsimile:  (714) 542-0627
Email:  info@ultratec-facet.com
WEB Site:  http://www.ultratec-facet.com/
Photo Credit:  Ultra Tec, with permission

Ultra Tec
Ultra Tec

Imperial Gem Instruments

Models:  Alpha, Diamante
Address:  not available
Telephone:  not available
Facsimile:  not available
Email:  not available
WEB Site:  none
Description:  Sold only through dealers. The Diamente cuts both coloured stones and diamonds.
Photo Credit:  Susan Sanders, Gemstone World, with permission


Imahashi Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Models:  FAC-8
Address:  533 Hino, Hino-shi, Tokyo, JAPAN
Telephone:  81 42 582 1508
Facsimile:  81 42 584 2780
Email:  kofu@imahashi.net
WEB Site:  http://www.imahashi.net/e/index-english.html
Description:  A removeable handpiece faceting machine.
Photo Credit:  Imahashi Mfg. Co., Ltd., with permission


VJ Faceting Machines
Previously trading as Sapphire Engineering

Models:  VJ Faceting Machine
Street Address: 
VJ Faceting Machines,
38 Golcherts Road
CHILDERS QLD 4660 Australia
Postal Address:
VJ Faceting Machines
P.O. Box 55
CHILDERS QLD 4660 Australia
Telephone:  Australia (07) 4126 2155      International +61 7 4126 2155
Email:  vjfacet@yahoo.com.au
WEB Site:  https://vjfacet.com/
Photo Credit:  Sapphire Engineering, with permission

VJ Faceting Machine
VJ Faceting Machine

LWD Engineering

Models:  The “Drabsch” Faceting Machine
Address:  56 Heysen St., Weston ACT 2611, AUSTRALIA
Telephone:  (02) 6288 7752
Facsimile:  (02) 6288 7752
Email:  unknown
WEB Site:  none
Photo Credit:  LWD Engineering

The “Drabsch” Faceting Machine

Lee Lapidaries, Inc.

Models:  The Lee Faceting Machine
Address:  3425 West 117th Street,Cleveland, Ohio 44111, USA
Telephone:  (216) 941-7458
Facsimile:  unknown
Email:  unknown
WEB Site:  none
Photo Credit:  Lee Lapidaries, Inc.

The Lee Faceting Machine
The Lee Faceting Machine

Irv’s Faceting Machine

Models:  Irv’s Faceting Machine
Address:  11907 E. Trent, Spokane, WA 99206, USA
Telephone:  (509) 924-5464
Facsimile:  (509) 924-5464
Email:  irvsshop@aol.com
WEB Site:  http://hometown.aol.com/dianrocks/
Photo Credit:  Irv’s Faceting Machine

Irv's Faceting Machine
Irv’s Faceting Machine

Jack Lahr

Models:  Lap Lap Hand Faceter
Address:  PO Box 94, Mt, Vernon, OH 43050, USA
Telephone:  unknown
Facsimile:  unknown
Email:  jlahr@ecr.net
WEB Site:  article at Bob’s Rock Shop
Description:  A simple and inexpensive faceter for manually cutting stones.
Photo Credit:  Jack Lahr, with permission

KLM Technology, Inc.

Models:  Jang 1, Jang 12
Address:  55 West 45th Street, 5th floor, New York, NY 10036, USA
Telephone:  (212) 221-6136
Facsimile:  (212) 869-5286
Email:  info@klm.bz
WEB Site:  Not Available
Description:  A Korean manufacturer of automated production faceting machines. The contact information is for the US office.
Photo Credit:  no photos available

Shell-Lap Supplies Pty Ltd

Models:  Gemmasta GF4, Gemmasta GF4 Deluxe
Address:  100a Henley Beach Rd, Mile End S.A. 5031, AUSTRALIA
Telephone:  8352 3166
Facsimile:  (212) 8352 4751
Email:  sales@shell-lap.com.au
WEB Site:  http://www.shell-lap.com.au
Description:  Mast style machines.

Gemmasta faceting machine
Gemmasta GF4


Models:  Lapidart
Address:  Rua Anapolis 255, Santa Efigenia, BRAZIL
Telephone:  (31) 3283 3118
Facsimile:  unknown
Email:  lapidart@lapidart.com.br
WEB Site:  http://www.lapidart.com.br/
Description:  Both a portable and table mounted version are available.
Photo Credit:  Lapidart, with permission

Lapidart Faceting Machine
Lapidart Table Version
Lapidart Faceting Machine
Lapidart Portable Version
Lapidart Faceting Machine

Gemmarum Lapidator srl

Models:  BSF2, BSF 1, GL501, SV-GL
Address:  Via Unterberger, 13-38033 Cavalese (TN), ITALY
Telephone:  (+39) 0462 342662
Facsimile:  (+39) 0462 342643
Email:  gemmarum@cr-surfing.net
WEB Site:  http://www.gemmarum
Description:  Three handpiece designs and a vertical lap design

BSF1 Faceting Machine
BSF2 Faceting Machine
GL501 Faceting Machine
SV-GL Faceting Machine

Otto Eigner

Models:  FM 1, FM 2, FM 7
Address:  Hauptstrasse 69, 55743 Idar-Oberstein, GERMANY
Telephone:  ++49(o)6781-43936
Facsimile:  ++49(0)6781-47176
Email:  info@ottoeigner.de
WEB Site:  http://www.ottoeigner.de
Description:  Several mast designs.

FM 1 faceting machine
FM 1
FM 1 faceting machine
FM 2

Hamag Elektro Maschinenbau

Models:  unknown
Address:  D-86807 Buchloe, GERMANY
Telephone:  (08241) 910101
Facsimile:  (08241) 910102
Email:  hamag-rieder@t-online.de
WEB Site:  http://www.hamag-maschinenbau.de/shop/
Description:  Mast style machines with a removable handpiece.

Rajasthan Tools & Spares

Models:  3D, 6 Seater
Address:  11, Sudarshanpura Industrial Area, Jaipur – 302006, INDIA
Telephone:  91-9829059388
Facsimile:  91-141-2212288/5179836
Email:  rts@satyam.net.in
WEB Site:  http://www.rajtools.com/fm.htm
Description:  Commercial faceting machines including a double lap and a six station version.

Rajasthan faceting machine
Rajasthan faceting machine
6 Seater

Igon Faceting Machines

Models:  Gemcut MK1
Address:  15 Yoland St., Tootgarook VIC 3941, AUSTRALIA
Telephone:  0359857351
Facsimile:  no number
Email:  igondos@alphalink.com.au
WEB Site:  no WEB site
Photo Credit:  Igon Faceting Machines, with permission

Gemcut MK1 faceting machine
Gemcut MK1

Vargas Faceting Machines

Models:  Unknown
Address:  Unknown
Telephone:  Unknown
Facsimile:  Unknown
Email:  Unknown
WEB Site:  no WEB site
Photo Credit:  Kevin Scott

Vargas faceting machine
Vargas Faceting Machine #167
Vargas faceting machine
Designed, Built, and Marketed by Glenn & Martha Vargas

Jersey Instruments

Models:  Omni Faceting Machine
Address:  805 Halstead Ct, Huntsville, AL, USA 35803
Telephone:  256-883-8988
Facsimile:  None
Email:  chasmusi@knology.net
WEB Site:  http://www.jerseyinstruments.com/
Photo Credit: http://faceters.com, with permission

Omni Faceting Machine
Omni Faceting Machine


  1. gemmakermz

    i’ve been faceting for 59+ years, i’ve had the chance to use many makes of machines, my first was the O’Brien, then MDR, then ultra tec that i got from Howard Stanley after demoing it at a show. i’ve demo ‘ed the fac-Ette and others. i have a collection of different machines and have made my own and some for faceters. in 74 i bought a ultra tec and a raytech/shaw, and personally the only two practical i recommend. ultra tec V2 & V5, and the raytech. mine are still going and in use with my students. nadine marshall learned and cut her first stone on my ultra tec V2 in 2019 at age 12 and now has her own V5 and does fantastic work on it. i can use/cut on any brand but prefer these two. they are still made and backed up and give good responses for help and needs. although the V2 has no replacement parts at this time accept for drive cone i have helped in some cases to get the old V2’s going again. mike zinski—gemmakermz@cs.com

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