Web Site Updates – Real Names, Usernames, Public Names

In faceting, you never really know how a new design is going to turn out until you try cutting it. Similarly, in building Web sites, we learn a lot when people start using a new site. We have been listening to member feedback over the last few days and adjusting features of the site to simplify the user experience and fix a few problems that have cropped up.

Today, we have adjusted the way names are managed on the site.


Your username is used to identify you on the forums and can be used to log into the site.

Existing USFG members were assigned usernames that are a combination of the first name and last name we had on file for you. We recognize that you may want to change this username, so we have turned on a feature to allow you to do that. It is found in My Profile -> Settings. This feature will only be active until March 15.

Members who have registered through the new site chose their own usernames at registration. If you like, you can also use the username change feature until March 15.

Public Name

Your Public Name is the name used to identify you in the member directory. This can be edited in My Profile->Edit. If you would like to be identified in the member directory by the same handle as your username in the forums—for example, tiffanymember—then you can make that your Public Name. If you would like to be identified in the member directory by your real name—for example, Tiffany Member–you can enter that as your Public Name.

If you would like to go by a handle in the member directory but also be searchable by your real name, we have added two new fields in My Profile->Edit: Real First Name and Real Last Name. Of course, any information you put in your profile fields is fully searchable by members, but these fields create a more permanent home for your real name in the member directory. We encourage you to fill them out.

We have also added a Business Name field to the member profile so that you can promote your business without having to choose between your business name and your personal name.

Real Name

The My Account link at the top of each page is where you manage your membership information. This information is kept secure and private at all times. The first and last names there are the real name you are registered with as a USFG member, and should remain that way. These help us accurately track our membership.

Thanks for all the great feedback. Please continue to let us know about problems you encounter, what you love, and what you’d like to see! Send requests and comments to webmaster@usfacetersguild.org.

Robert Asumendi,
Web developer and new member!

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