June 2019 Newsletter

The June 2019 Newsletter is now available to USFG members.

We are always looking for comments and contribution. Contact our newsletter editor at editor@usfacetersguild.org.


  1. ronjansson

    Dennis Anderson
    USFG Newsletter editor
    Hi Dennis,
    My name is Ron Jansson. I’m currently residing in Hollywood Fl. Yeah, across the world from ya. Thou new to USFG; new to faceting and new to joining large groups of people all sharing the same passion…Gems, Minerals and Art; I’m not new to writing. I’ve completed a few novels, a dozen short stories and 35 years’ worth of Tech Reports on what we call “BAD DESIGN IDEAS.” Most Health Care Equipment manufactures upgraded their designs Twice a year. They usually like to hear what i have to say about the old designs first .Yes, I’m a Health Care Equipment Specialist, not a Jeweler.
    So, you’re inviting articles from fellow members, or ideas for articles? Is that correct? I’d love to help.
    One idea is regarding a Web Site I’m planning to make available for fellow members wishing to exhibit their craft, whatever it may be, for sale, or trade, or just plain show and tell. I’m really hipped about it. You Don’t Know. There is just so much to discuss about this and I’d love to put it up for discussion to the group before pushing forward with it… Can you help me make that happen?
    Feel free to call. 1 (954)394-4319 and we’ll cover it a little better.
    Ron Jansson Owner/Operator
    Service Tech South, Inc.

  2. Dennis Anderson in sunny Southern California

    Hello Alan, I can always use help with the Newsletter. Especially given you have editing experience. I need to search articles, vet the content for copyright authority to republish. I’m slowly getting things organized with other newsletters, but digging out things of interest to those in our guild that facet or like faceting is time consuming. I have your phone number and will call during this week.

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